grown respectfully

Sustainable Coffee Farming

Coffee tastes better with respect – it’s something you can taste in every cup. Get to know how we grown our coffee sustainably with various community and environmental programs.
Help us tackle sustainability goals with every cup of coffee

Savour the taste of sustainable coffee

Our responsible external and internal sourcing journey starts with the men and women who grow our coffee beans. They’re our coffee heroes, and we’re proud to call them our partner farmers. Our experts visit their farms to pass on innovative sustainable agricultural practices to ensure the future of coffee, helping them earn more, stay healthier and work more in tune with nature.

Get involved in the project!

Our success would not have been possible without the support and know-how of our many partners. If you have any ideas on how to deliver positive impact, we would be delighted to hear them.

Change for better is in our hands

Through the merger of regenerative practices and a women inclusion program, Manica Coffee is leading the way in sustainable and socially responsible coffee production. By empowering women and valuing their contributions, the company creates a more inclusive and equitable coffee industry.